A completely separate expression

Illustration is an effective means of giving it its own expression. Illustration can be the solution if you want to create your own unique character. Here, the line gives you an element of playfulness or a combination of shapes and colors to illustrate products or messages.


Illustration is often used to bring out figures and statistics visually. This is called infographics, and is a great element in combination with walls of text and numbers.

Books or editorial illustrations

Mockup fra boka "Det er lov å være lur"

If you have a book or text that you would like to have illustrated, I can do this for you. Maybe you have a clear thought about what should be illustrated or would like me to give you some sketches In the first place.

What do you get?

You make your request and I will be happy to meet with you for brainstorming and send you some sketches. Then I make a full version of the desired illustration for their use.

License of illustrations by appointment.

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Lykkelig kaffekopp illustrasjon
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